3 ways we can get the vote out:

The 'unheard third' refers to 35% of people in the UK who regularly do not vote.

Usually, these potential voters have the most to lose or gain from a political events, including those from low-income backgrounds, the young and eligible migrants

These people have the potential to influence and even change an election outcome. Let's support them to vote. 



Chat. Text. Email. Insta. Round the dinner table. At work. Whatsapp. At football practice. After worship. After a lecture. Get talking to friends, family and colleagues about the upcoming election 


Share Info

Make sure people know how to register. Help people find out if they're eligible. Talk about postal and proxy votes. Share links via social media. Print leaflets. Stick up posters. Start a group chat. Set up a facebook event.

On the day


Tell your boss you'll be voting. Give your employees time to vote. Go knock on a neighbour. Share lifts. Have a Polling Party. Take it in turns to babysit. Make it possible for everyone to vote. 

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