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this site has all the things you need to get the

"unheard third" of voters 

out to vote on 12th December


*it takes 5 minutes. You'll need your National Insurance Number

speak up for your community + make your voice heard

did you know...?

in the uk, 9.4 million eligible people are missing from the electoral register

and on average 34% of electors do not vote, meaning their voice goes unheard?

who are these missing voters?

Research by the Electoral Commission shows of the 17% of people missing from the Electoral Register there is higher numbers of younger, lower-income and BAME people. 

Barriers and impediments to voting often affects those who would be most susceptible to political change. 

we want communities to support each other to register and vote 

this website contains free, downloadable material and ideas to help push voter registration in your area and to help get the vote out on the day

we don't want your details

we don't want to sign you up to a mailing list

we want everyone to get talking,

build local networks 

and support their local communities to be heard on December 12th in the General Election

© 2019 NetworkVote 

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